Molly Shield


Born and bred in Townsville, North Queensland, Molly followed her dreams of moving to the “big smoke”, packing up her life and embarking on the 16-hour drive to the bustling city of Brisbane after graduating from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

With a heart deeply connected to her roots and a passion for improving the lives of others, Molly found her calling in two distinct areas of physiotherapy. Her love for working with the elderly blossomed from cherished memories of growing up alongside three of her great grandparents. Inspired by their stories and motivated by a desire to preserve independence and enhance quality of life, Molly specialises in falls prevention, dedicating herself to helping individuals maintain their functional capacity and independence. 

Additionally, Molly is deeply engaged in the holistic management of chronic pain. Understanding the intricate interplay between mental health and physical well-being, she adopts a comprehensive approach to care, addressing not just the symptoms but also investigating the deeper underlying factors contributing to pain. Her philosophy emphasises the importance of building strong relationships with her clients, fostering trust and collaboration to tailor treatment plans that align with their unique goals and motivations.

Molly’s professional journey has predominantly been in community home-visit physiotherapy, providing accessible and personalised care. She draws from experience treating diverse conditions, including neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, and believes that working in clients’ homes offers invaluable insights for crafting tailored treatment plans. Molly’s expertise also encompasses hydrotherapy and paediatric physiotherapy, ensuring comprehensive support for her clients. .

Outside of her physiotherapy practice, Molly is a keen drummer with a deep love for music and attending live gigs to watch her favourite bands play. With a background in teaching dance fitness classes, she embraces movement and rhythm. Plus, with her history in cheerleading for the North Queensland Cowboys, she’s always down for a good chat about the footy!


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