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Closing the disconnect for better outcomes

Creating sustainable and effective change requires insight into the physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses, history, challenges, motivations and lifestyle of each individual. To help our clients achieve their goals, health professionals need to learn about the whole person, not just their injuries or limitations.

More importantly, many people experience barriers to mainstream rehabilitation services such as physical (injuries, illness, fitness), logistical (transport or busy schedules), or even emotional challenges.

While mobile services already existed, our founder Fiona White had identified a disconnect between current mobile services, their clients, referrers, and the community.

We believe that “anyone can maximise their own body’s potential” and it’s this belief and the drive to reduce the barriers and disconnect with currently available services that gave rise to Own Body.

For over a decade we’ve been ensuring open and transparent communications keep our team, clients, referrers, and the community connected and engaged.

Who we are

We are a team of highly qualified and reliable allied health professionals working across metropolitan Melbourne, regional Victoria, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Launceston and Hobart

Our Story

Own Body was created through a desire to help clients understand and maximise their own bodies’ potential, in their own space.

Our core values

To remove the disconnect in service delivery and to make sure we always strive to do the best we can for our clients (that includes you and your clients), we live by our core values.

Be mindful, trustworthy, open-minded, and understanding of the client’s needs and goals. Build connection with clients and with referrers, specialists and other services to ensure all our clients health needs are met.

We listen carefully. We provide an individual, tailored approach specific to each client. We get to know each client’s physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses, history, challenges, motivations and lifestyle - we learn about the whole person, not just their injuries.

We value the knowledge gained from experience. We are always learning and sharing our skills and knowledge with each other. With over 300 years of combined mobile Allied Health expertise, you will receive the best possible treatment. We want our client’s to have positive experiences with every interaction, from the initial phone call to completing their treatment

We believe access to treatment should be a right, not a privilege. Our mobile service enables access to rehabilitation where it’s most needed. We help clients understand their condition and capabilities and empower them with the knowledge and guidance they need to heal their bodies.

We use this approach to create sustainable outcomes, so clients can maintain and continue their progress long term.


Our team is our best asset, so we invest in building a remarkable team by nurturing remarkable people who will “go the extra mile” for you and your clients. We foster positive relationships with all clients and referrers and always strive to raise the bar.

We are passionate about aligning our services with our core values and invite you to contact us for further information or arrange your first home visit for your client.

Our Philosophy

Research shows the best results are achieved when clients have an active role in their recovery and participate in the decision-making process. We listen to their goals and expectations and provide them with knowledge and advice to make an informed decision.

Even with a clear diagnosis, we believe in an individual approach. We take the time to assess each client’s needs, injuries, body, and lifestyle factors. We use this knowledge to create a specialised recovery plan.

To ensure our treatment plans are accessible to everyone, we use minimal equipment. This philosophy reduces client costs and enables them to complete an independent rehabilitation program between sessions without needing to access a gym or purchase expensive equipment.

We believe that we should continually be striving to improve our services. Our assessments and treatment solutions should evolve as we continually build on on our scientific knowledge, clinical reasoning skills, interpersonal skills and outcome measures.

We welcome feedback from you, your family, referrers or the public. Your input will further improve our ability to offer the best service possible. Contact us (you can remain anonymous) to leave a comment.

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Mobile healthcare that meets them where they’re at

Our experienced Physiotherapists, OTs, and Podiatrists will come to your client’s home, work or other suitable location to deliver their treatment.

Our team will come to them whether they’re in:

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