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Become part of a collaborative group of passionate, dedicated and thoughtful Physiotherapists, OTs and Podiatrists.

About Us

Our wonderful team across Melbourne, greater Victoria, Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart and Launceston are changing the face of rehabilitation. As the population ages and more people remain in home, we want to provide the choice for clients to continue their recovery and live independently in the comfort and convenience of their own environment.

Own Body was initially created as a mobile physiotherapy service in Melbourne, branching into podiatry and occupational therapy, as well as expanding interstate over recent years. We are growing at 50% year on year and are focussed on expanding our service offerings and locations. This means there are plenty of opportunities arising for those who wish to develop their skill sets and be part of an evolving company.

We don’t have a central office; everything is coordinated remotely so our team can work in their local area. Own Body has been recognised in the 2019 Telstra Business Women’s Awards for our innovation in home health and our approach to flexibility and supporting our amazing team.

Our management and administration team work hard to minimise the bureaucracy and paperwork, enabling our clinicians to do what they love: provide great service and spend their time connecting with our clients.

We empower each other to provide outstanding service and celebrate success. Our team proudly to achieves an average client feedback rating of at least 9/10 or above every month.

We provide a comprehensive orientation process to all team members. Our supervision and support structure in place ensures that our team feel connected and well supported at all times.

Why join us?

  • Client Focused – Honest, values-based organisation with the clients experience front of mind
  • Flexibility – create your ideal schedule
  • Professional Development – a supportive team with ongoing training and fortnightly mentoring
  • Values – Connection | Holistic | Enablement | Experience & Remarkable People
  • Perks – Our team LOVE the support we offer, including our amazing administration team, tech systems, mentoring and access to our whole team clinical discussions. We work hard to minimise the paperwork and maximise your job satisfaction
  • Room to grow – our rapid expansion means there are plenty of opportunities to develop your career

What we LOVE about our team

Clients call us raving about our team’s professionalism, personable natures and dedication in assisting their bodies back to health They set realistic expectations and have excellent clinical skills They make their clients their priority; they’re flexible when needed We can rely on every one to complete administrative tasks (correspondence, follow up, appointment scheduling) efficiently and proficiently They support our colleagues professionally and work collaboratively with our whole team They represent our Core Values (Connection, Holistic, Enablement, Experience & Remarkable People) Your Role

Working with Own Body will see you become part of a collaborative community of passionate, dedicated and thoughtful healthcare professionals. Your work will be varied and you will have plenty of autonomy to plan your day. You will treat clients with a variety of conditions, co-morbidities and some complex cases to get you really thinking!

You will be experienced in biomechanical assessment, general skin and nail care, wound prevention education and management, orthotic prescription and fitting, nail surgery and diabetes (foot and limb health) assessment/treatment.

Your caseload commonly includes general skin and nail care, wound prevention, post surgical, maintenance and rehabilitation therapy for client with disabilities. Clinicians are not required to take on clients outside of their skill set.

You will also be responsible for educating and training care givers. Most importantly though, you will be helping our wonderful clients achieve their own potential – improving lives and making a difference is what we do!

Current positions available

You’re in luck! We are growing quickly so there are a number of flexible positions available (Full Time, Part Time and Casual), offering between 5-38 hours per week. Positions can be ideal for clinicians with other commitments, including those on maternity or study leave, around school/kinder drops offs or between other part time work.

What we are looking for

The successful candidates will have strong interpersonal skills and the the ability to work autonomously treating patients in their homes without supervision is essential. Our Core Values are very important to our business: only candidates who demonstrate these in their personal and professional behaviour will be considered.

You will be experienced in biomechanical assessment, general skin and nail care, wound prevention education and management, orthotic prescription and fitting, nail surgery and diabetes (foot and limb health) assessment/treatment.

Your caseload commonly includes general skin and nail care, wound prevention, post surgical, maintenance and rehabilitation therapy for client with disabilities. Clinicians are not required to take on clients outside of their skill set.

You will receive admin support for product ordering and client confirmation.

You will also be responsible for educating and training care givers. Most importantly though, you will be helping our wonderful clients achieve their own potential – improving lives and making a difference is what we do!

All therapists are fully supported and maintain regular communications with head office before and after each appointment.


  • Bachelor of Podiatry or higher
  • Full registration with AHPRA as a podiatrist (no interim certificate please)
  • Minimum of 1 year experience
  • Valid Drivers licence
  • Have or be willing to obtain:
    • a current Police Check
    • Level 2 First Aid
    • Professional indemnity insurance
    • Own car
    • Current Influenza and COVID-19 vaccines

Have more questions?

What kind of caseload would I encounter?

Our caseload is as varied as our clients! Although their medical conditions vary, our clients predominantly includes people who want to remain independent at home or recover from injury or surgery at home. They range from clients needing minimal input to those requiring a comprehensive and interdisciplinary rehabilitation and lifestyle management plan, that is, we have a great range to keep our team engaged and challenged on an ongoing basis. 


We work with clients under various funding models too, primarily home care packages, private health early supported discharge rehabilitation (hospital substitution) programs, restorative programs (such as TPC and STRC), private clients and to a smaller extent, clients under the NDIS.  Clinicians are not required to take on clients outside of their skillset, however, we do offer plenty of support to help our team develop their expertise in fields they are interested in. We also have a strong focus on active over passive therapies (no massage tables here!)

How flexible is flexible?

Great question! As a mobile business compared to private practice or facility, we are not competing for treatment space; we could literally have every single clinician working at the exact same time! What’s most important to us is that our team and clients are supported and provided with options to suit their lifestyles. We have a variety of roles, and here’s how each work:

  • Casual – our casual team picks and choose their caseload and days/hour of work. Some choose to see 1 client after their other employment, some like to be really busy on the days they have available. Our team are trusted with the responsibility of booking and communicating with their clients to ensure they are seen in a timely manner or referring on to another team member when timetables clash, always ensuring our clients are cared for. In other words, ultimate flexibility with necessary responsibility!

  • Part-time – when the security of permanent work is more desirable, some team members choose part-time employment. Our team choose their days and hours depending on their regular availability. Someone working 15 hours per week might choose to work 5 hours each Mon/Wed/Fri to cater for school pick-ups/drop-offs, 7.5 hours each Tues/Thurs 7.5 hours, 3 hours a day every weekday or any other combination that works best for them. Some clinicians also choose to allocate their paid admin time to the following day so they can make the most use of their ‘away from home’ on-road availability.

  • Full time – many of our team members choose to utilise an RDO model, 4 long/1 short day model, or even an alternating fortnight – we are open to all options!

Are there opportunities to supervise/mentor and be supervised/mentored?

Absolutely. We have plenty of opportunities for informal mentoring and student supervision, and as a growing organisation we are constantly recruiting, thus the need to diversify our supervision team continues to grow as well.


We do not expect our team to be experts from day 1. We provide weekly, then fortnightly Connection Calls to ensure our team feel supported, and connected and have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they like. We also have multiple channels for informal clinical and administrative support where team members from across the country help each other to problem solve. We only hire Remarkable People and as such, they are remarkably helpful to all team members!

Is there a professional development program on offer?

Yes! We host monthly inservices run by internal team members and paid external speakers. Most of these are recorded for future viewing and new team members will have free access to an an extensive range of previous recordings. 

In addition, each team is linked with a dedicated experienced supervisor who will provide regular Connection Calls (weekly, then fortnightly once the team member is established). We also facility an active Clinical Chat group where our remarkable team from all over the country help each other problem solve for their clients.

Is there a CPD allowance?

Our permanent team receive a generous CPD allowance.

Do I need to provide my own equipment? eg Laptop, phone, car, clinical equipment?

We provide clinical equipment and resources, however on the most part our team provide their own laptop/tablet, phone an car. We’d love to be in an Oprah-like position to provide cars for everyone, but with over 80 team members, many of whom are casuals and working all over the country, it’s not quite feasible. Our permanent team can utilise their CPD allowance to purchase their own tech equipment and full time team members are entitled to a car and phone on top of this.

Do you provide Parental Leave?

In short, we don’t provide paid Parental Leave at this stage, however we do encourage and enable unpaid leave during this special time as well as very flexible working opportunities to return to.

What does a typical day look like?

It all begins when the sun rises and you wake to the sound of the birds chirping and a delicious coffee! We can always hope! 


In all seriousness, there is no typical day at Own Body as everyone chooses to work in different ways, but here is an example of one working day in the life of a clinician:

  • Check roster for the day, check alerts on risk assessments and notes for any new clients. Head to first client’s home
  • Client 1, 60 minute appointment. Provide a remarkable service, leaving your client feeling empowered to take control of their own health. Spend around 50 minutes with the client, type notes throughout session, set date for complete notes in the car for 10 minutes before heading to client 2
  • Client 2, 45 minute appointment. Repeat process for client 1 and also include a call to their case manager during the session to clarify funding for equipment the client requires. Complete notes in car and head for a coffee!
  • Use our specialised software to optimise your schedule for tomorrow. Call or text your clients for tomorrow to confirm while enjoying a soy latte. Communicate with our awesome administration team about your ability to pick up another client starting next week. Head to client 3
  • Client 3, 30 minute appointment. Repeat process for client 1. Suggest referral to another discipline within the Own Body team, if the client consents, email case manager about this and message the admin team about the referral. Complete treatment notes in car and make a note to follow up the approval.
  • Connection Call with supervisor for clinical and/or administrative support (or just a chat!)
  • Client 4, 60 minute initial. Review referral notes carefully and complete a comprehensive initial assessment. Finish session after 50 minutes and head home. 
  • Complete a report for the initial client and email to case manager (paid time)
  • Complete any other notes or referrals for 20 minutes (paid time), check and respond to messages/email and log off for the day!

What support is provided or who can I go to if I have a complex client or situation?

Your clinical supervisor or the broader team (via Clinical Chat) are great resources. Our team have on average at least 10 years of experience, some in specialised fields, so you will always be able to connect with someone who can guide you in the right direction.

Are there opportunities to connect with the team in person/attend social events?

Absolutely. We regularly host social functions such as breakfast, after work drinks or activities across various areas in our major operating areas.

What administrative support is provided e.g. for scheduling and taking payment etc.?

We believe that our clinicians shouldn’t ever have to worry about taking money or processing payments. We have an extensive and talented administrative team who take care of the the following:

  • File set up, including:
    • Risk assessment
    • Confirming contact and NOK details
    • Compiling information from referrers
    • Liaising with referrers for further information
  • Setting up expectations for treatment, including:
    • Duration
    • Session length
    • Payment processes
  • Confirming initial appointment date/time (as directed by the clinicians)
  • Payment processing

Would I be expected to work at weekends?

No, however, some clinicians choose to do this to support their lifestyles.

What career development opportunities are there within the company?

After over 12 years we continue to grow and develop at a rapid pace, which means there are always new opportunities. This could include supervision, management, business development, student mentoring or more.

What opportunities are there to work with the other disciplines as part of a multi-disciplinary team as and when required?

We currently employ OTs, Physios and Podiatrists who are all willing to work together. As the OT and Podiatry team are relatively new, they do not cover quite the extensive areas that the physios do, however they are always happy to help with advice, referrals and clinical support.

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