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Working with clients to make it possible for them to do the things they need and want to do to live a meaningful life. We help them to gain or regain their independence.

Mobile Occupational TherapISTS

What is Occupational Therapy?

Our team of mobile Occupational Therapists are focused on enabling our clients to live their best lives. We provide practical solutions and therapy to support our clients to participate in ‘daily occupations’, such as self-care, accessing the community, preparing a meal, and generally being able to participate and enjoy their lives in a way that is meaningful to them.

Our OTs regularly undertake further courses to enhance and develop an ever expanding skill set best suited to aid our clients to achieve their goals in the comfort of their own home.

Mobile Occupational Therapy | Own Body

Mobile Occupational Therapy Services

Mobile Occupational Therapy (OT) vs OT in a Clinic

Mobile OT gives your client the benefit of convenience and comfort, but that’s only the beginning. By seeing them at home, we can assess them within their own space and get a clear picture of how their condition or injury impacts their daily lives. This allows our OTs to optimise their treatment and support to the client’s space and lifestyle.

Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy can help people who have sensory, physical, or cognitive problems. They can help improve motor skills, help to increase independence when completing certain tasks or activities, improve strength and flexibility, and prescribe adaptive strategies and equipment to help improve the independence and abilities of clients.

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How can we help?

Our comprehensive home assessments enable us to better understand your clients, their environment and how we can help. We think “outside the box”, using a holistic approach to find solutions to help them achieve their goals. Our experienced team can provide recommendations around an activity or environmental modifications, trial and demonstration of assistive equipment, and education to help them achieve their goals.

We are passionate about aligning our services with our core values and invite you to contact us for further information or arrange your first home physiotherapy session for your client.

What conditions do we treat?

Own Body Occupational Therapy can offer a wide range of services to adults aged 18 years and over:

Occupational Therapy | Own Body
Occupational Therapy | Own Body
Occupational Therapy | Own Body
Occupational Therapy | Own Body
We are currently unable to provide services for:
  • Mental Health or Paediatric interventions
  • Young adults with complex disabilities who previously had Paediatric intervention
  • OT Driving Assessment and/or vehicle modification assessments
  • NDIS referrals

Mobile Occupational Therapy

What to expect from the first appointment

Our clinicians will sit down with you to understand you, you, your challenges, your goals and requirements. We will ask about your current and past injuries, medical conditions, goals and personal experience that is relevant to helping or hindering you from achieving your goals. We will address your questions and concerns and focus on what is most important to you in the first session. In most cases, your therapist will commence treatment and leave you with some simple written advice or exercises to undertake before your next appointment and commence working on reports or equipment requests as required.

Mobile Occupational Therapy Service | Own Body

Occupational Therapy FAQs

The main goal of our occupational therapists is to enable our clients to live their best lives. We think outside the box and provide practical solutions and therapy to support our clients to participate in the ‘everyday occupations’ of their lives.


Great question! There can be a lot of cross-over, and we work collaboratively with our physiotherapy colleagues. OTs focus more on removing barriers to participation in our clients’ daily activities (improving their ability to complete tasks or increasing accessibility by modifying an activity or environment or recommending equipment that can help).
Physiotherapists broadly help our clients increase their ability to perform these tasks by helping their clients increase their strength, movement, endurance, and balance or prescribing mobility equipment such as walking sticks.

Our Occupational Therapists provide

  • Functional assessment of occupational performance/daily activities
  • Home assessment and advice to improve safety or access
  • Equipment Prescription and review
  • Assistive Technology prescription
  • Minor home modifications, e.g. rail installation, wedge ramps, platform steps
  • Therapy/Occupation based retraining (including upper limb therapy, life skills training, community access)
  • NDIS Access Request Form report writing
  • Adult neurological rehabilitation
  • SWEP applications
  • Carer education or training

OTs offer a broad range of services to support you in your daily lives. Some activities they may be able to help you achieve or access with greater ease include:

  • Personal care activities such as showering, dressing and toileting
  • Provision of education on a range of areas such as falls risk reduction, managing your pain in daily occupations
  • Assessment of your thinking and memory and providing strategies to assist in these areas
  • Return to work or volunteer activities
  • Accessing the community via public transport or by using assistive technology
  • Participating in social and leisure activities
If you have more questions about occupational therapy, please send us a message.

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