Own Body therapists will develop an individual treatment plan designed
especially for you. The first step in developing this plan will be an
assessment of your current strengths and weaknesses and a goalsetting
consultation to determine how we can help you reach your
desired outcomes.

Explanation plays a key part in our treatment plans and your therapist will
discuss your condition, and how it will impact your road to recovery.

Some of our treatment options include:

  • balance training
  • education and advice about your condition, recovery, strengths and
  • endurance & strength training
  • equipment recommendation
  • falls prevention
  • flexibility
  • gait re-education
  • gentle reconditioning
  • manual therapy (excludes condition which require a massage/therapy
  • mobility safety assessment and training
  • pain management
  • pelvic floor education
  • Pilates
  • referral to other health professionals where indicated.