Mobile physiotherapy is rehabilitation in the comfort and convenience of your own home. By
assessing and treating you at home, we get a clear picture of how your injury or illness is impacting
you. In home physiotherapy enables us to provide treatment and exercises that are specific to you
and appropriate for your space, using features of your house (such as steps, chairs, bed and
benches) as exercise equipment.

Benefits of physiotherapy at home

  • comfort of your own home
  • individualised program designed specifically for you at home
  • 1:1 attention for the entire visit, no interruptions or sharing treatment time with other patients
  • flexible hours to fit into your busy schedule
  • holistic approach – we understand that you are not defined by your injury. We take into account your goals, hobbies, normal activities, responsibilities and experience when designing and updating your treatment
  • time efficient – say goodbye to travel time, parking hassles and waiting rooms. Go about your day while we come to you!
  • great for parents and carers – at home services enable you to look after yourself while caring for others
  • reduced burden on your family & friends who drive you to appointments
  • co-ordinated care – we work with your GP and other specialists to ensure the best treatment approach complexities of your needs