Pilates explained

Originating from Joseph Pilates’ method of physical fitness, modern day Pilates has become something of a revolution. Pilates is a method of training which centres around building a strong core (abdominal and trunk area) to improve posture and function in everyday life.

The easy to learn principles and adaptability means everyone – from the elderly to elite athletes – can benefit from practicing Pilates. It is also commonly used as a gentle, safe and supportive form of exercise for ante and post-natal women.

Why is Pilates good for you?

  • core strength
  • stronger toned body
  • body awareness
  • strengthened spine and joints
  • body alignment and posture
  • flexibility
  • improved balance and coordination
  • relaxation
  • injury prevention.

One to one guidance

It’s difficult to travel to a Pilates class each week. So, let us do the travelling for you! With your goals in mind, we can shape each session to help you reach your Own Body’s potential through a combination of resistance, core and flexibility exercises that will leave you feeling strong and rejuvenated!

Group dynamics

Group Pilates is a fantastic option for clients who want to share the cost and enjoyment of a workout with friends. Why not swap your regular coffee or brunch for a customised group Pilates session? As a bonus, all sessions are child friendly!

How long?

60 minutes

Where we go

Our mobile physiotherapy, fitness and Pilates service covers the Metropolitan Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs. We can come to your home, workplace or local park – depending on your council restrictions. We even go to retirement villages and other aged care facilities.


1:1 individual appointments
$110 per session

Small groups
2:1 – $120 ($60 per person).
3:1 – $130 ($43.50 per person).
4 or more – $140 ($35 or less per person)

If you are ready to see why so many people swear by Pilates for health and fitness, contact us to discuss what will work for you.