Healthy employees = happy employees

Employees are a company’s most important asset. Healthier staff make better decisions and have improved time management skills. A healthy workforce is great for business!

A corporate fitness and wellbeing program can:

  • reduce illness and absenteeism
  • increase efficiency and productivity
  • improve morale
  • promote a positive, health based corporate image to your consumer
  • reduce turnover.

Benefit your staff

We provide a wide range of health and fitness services to benefit your staff:

Corporate wellness classes

Group fitness and team bonding

Our corporate sweat sessions are a great way to encourage team bonding and promote good health in the workplace. Let us tailor a group class to match the needs and wants of your valuable staff.
Duration: 30-60 minutes

Pilates classes

Our qualified physiotherapists will help your workforce build core strength, increase flexibility and minimise aches and pains.
Duration: 30-60 minutes

No Sweat sessions (perfect for lunchtime!)

At Own Body, we understand the physical stresses of the workplace. These classes target the common aches and pains of desk workers with gentle – yet surprisingly effective – stretches and exercises.

For the duration of the class, we encourage participants to mentally switch off from the morning stresses by concentrating on a series of Pilates and yoga style moves suitable for all levels. Shifting focus will enable your team to return to their workspace re-energised in body and mind, elevating afternoon productivity.
Duration: 30-60 minutes

Build team spirit with event training

Training for a team event creates a common goal and unites the workplace. With the guidance of our experts, you will see communication, teamwork skills and motivation improve both during and outside event training. From fun runs to Tough Mudder – team events can achieve unparalleled results for corporate culture!

Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a corporate wellness program to your business and make your employees happier and healthier.