What sets Own Body apart from our competitors? view answer

  • We are professional at home physiotherapists; unlike most companies home visits aren’t an add on a practice based business. All of our services are delivered in the convenience of your own home or office so we understand the intricacies of providing mobile care, and how to get the best results using your environment
  • We truly care about our clients and believe in a personal connection. You won’t ever feel like ‘just another client’ with Own Body
  • We don’t hire juniors; you will be linked with an experienced therapist in your area who understands your condition and how to help you rehabilitate with the right technique – which means faster results and improved health for you.

How long are appointments? view answer

We allocate 45 minutes to 1 hour for every appointment. However, we can shorten sessions if fatigue or time constraints are an issue.

Which areas do Own Body service? view answer

We now service metropolitan and greater Melbourne,  Launceston, Gold Coast and Adelaide. For a full list of locations, click here.

What are your fees? view answer

You’ll find our rates unbeatable. unlike some other mobile physiotherapists, we don’t charge extra for travel. Our initial consultation fee is $129 per appointment and standard consultations $119 (each 45-60 minutes depending on your needs). You may also wish to talk with your GP or health cover provider to discuss whether you are eligible for a rebate.

Can I claim Own Body physio at home services from my private health insurance? view answer

Yes, our at-home physiotherapy services are claimable on your private health insurance if you have ancillary or “Extras” cover. The rebate will depend on your provider and level of cover, and for privacy reasons Own Body cannot give you an estimate of your out of pocket cost.

Can I claim Own Body services from Medicare? view answer

The Australian Government has recently instigated the “Chronic Disease Management” (CDM) Program, which provides a partial rebate for physiotherapy services when your GP refers you under this program. For more information and to find out if you are eligible, click here.

Are Own Body therapists reliable and trustworthy? view answer

YES! All therapists come to us (and to you!) highly recommended by their peers and with a full police check. Own Body therapists are chosen based on a demonstrated commitment to their clients, the profession, and continuing professional education.

Are there extra fees for travel? view answer

No – our fees are inclusive of travel time. We try our best to allocate a therapist that lives or works nearby to minimise their time en route.

Can you guarantee arrival time? view answer

You and your therapist will schedule appointments for a time that suits you both. Our service works because we value your time and we are generally prompt. If we are running more than 10 minutes early or late, we will give you a call ahead of time to ensure you are still able to complete the appointment.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to start rehabilitation at home with Own Body? view answer

No. Physiotherapy is a primary care profession, which means you can contact us directly and no referral is needed. Should you have a complex medical condition or have recently undergone surgery, we ask that someone from your healthcare team (nurse, doctor, surgeon, hospital physio) provides a written summary of your current condition.

What can I expect on my first appointment? view answer

During your first appointment your therapist will discuss with you your relevant medical history, your goals, and how you would like Own Body to assist you reach these goals. Together you will create a plan for your treatment.

If you have had any relevant letters from surgeons or doctors, please have these handy to assist us in tailoring a program for your injuries. Treatment will commence in the first session, and in most cases your therapist will leave you with a written list of exercises to complete in your own time, as well as any relevant points or advice.

If you continue your treatment with Own Body, your therapist will regularly update your home exercise program.

Do I need to provide any equipment? view answer

No. All we ask is that you provide a clean clear space for your therapist to assess you and provide treatment. Own Body prides itself on being flexible in our approach to each session and we utilise your space to create a variety of equipment to suit your needs.

On occasion we may recommend that you purchase small equipment such as therabands or light weights to maximise your results. However, in most cases we will show you exercises that can be done around your home with little to no equipment.

If you do have your own equipment however, feel free to ask us to include it in your program, as your therapist can teach you new exercises to practice at home or help improve your technique with exercises you’ve done before.

Why don’t Own Body therapists provide manual treatment and massage? view answer

As we are an at-home physiotherapy service, we cannot transport treatment tables with us to appointments, and it is against OH & S legislation (and common sense for our own backs!) to provide massage and mobilisation to backs and necks on other surfaces.

Our treatment philosophy also revolves around active rather than passive therapy. Read more about this here.

We recognise that manual therapy is needed on occasion, and as such we have an extensive network of physiotherapy private practices and remedial massage services. We often refer patients to services that will complement our in home treatment sessions. If you represent a physiotherapy private practice, click here to join our partners program.

Is there a waiting period? view answer

In most cases we can arrange a therapist to visit you within a few days.

Does Own Body accept TAC and WorkCare clients? view answer

Yes. However, please note that TAC and WorkCare patients will be liable for the full service fee upfront. Upon payment, a receipt will be issued which can be taken to your insurer for payment.

Does Own Body accept DVA clients? view answer

Yes, clients with a Gold Card are fully funded by DVA.

What do other clients say about Own Body? view answer

The Australian Physiotherapy Association prohibits the use of testimonials for the effectiveness of physiotherapy services in advertising, so as much as we would love to pass on some of the great feedback we receive, you’ll have to trust us on this one! What we can tell you (and are very proud to report) is that our clients frequently compliment us on the kind, caring and trustworthy natures of our team, and most of our new clients come from word of mouth recommendations.