Our Story

Own Body was created through a desire to help clients understand and maximise their own bodies’ potential, in their own space.

We are team of mobile, highly qualified and reliable physiotherapists and health professionals working across metropolitan Melbourne, Gold Coast, Launceston and Adelaide in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. Our team are all chosen based on a demonstrated commitment to their clients, the profession, continuing professional education and their kind and caring nature.

Own Body’s founder Fiona White, is a physiotherapist and fitness professional. She created the business through a desire to help clients understand and maximise their own bodies’ potential, in their own space. Throughout her years working in gyms, hospitals, rehabilitation and community health, Fiona realised a need for personable, affordable and reliable in-home physiotherapy services for people unable to attend their local physiotherapy clinic. Here’s what she had to say about how Own Body came to be….

“I believe anyone can maximize their own body’s potential, and from this engrained belief the name and concept Own Body was born. Providing exclusively mobile physiotherapy, Own Body targets people struggling with barriers to mainstream rehabilitation and exercise. These barriers can be physical (injuries, illness, fitness), logistical (transport or busy schedules) or even emotional. Whilst mobile physiotherapy and fitness aren’t new concepts, I felt there was a lack of connection between current mobile services and their clients, referrers and the community.

Having worked in gyms, homes, offices, hospitals, rehabilitation and community health, the most important thing I’ve learnt is how important an holistic approach is: creating sustainable effective change requires insight into our clients’ physical and emotional strengths, weaknesses, history, challenges, motivations and lifestyle. To achieve any goal, health professionals need to learn about the whole person, not just their injuries.

I am constantly inspired by and enormously grateful to my wonderful team who share this passion for holistic health with our clients all across Australia. Having created a business which attracts positive, passionate and experienced therapists who care foremost about making a difference in their clients’ lives is an enormous source of pride for me. My role is primarily shaping and growing the business to enable them to do what they love. 

As Own Body grows and evolves, I’m always asked “What does success look like to you?” My answer is “As long as we continue to create a positive impact on our clients and community, we’re already there”.”